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MOT test in UK is the most compulsory vehicle verification and certification without which the car owners will not be able to drive their automobiles on roads. In general, if you look at the MOT test, then you will come to know this type of test can be more useful for you. You can come to know conditions and performance of different parts of your car. Secondly, you can also prevent the accidents and other unpleasant incidents if you do MOT testing every year. Sometime, vehicle owners get worried about this test and their automobiles get failed to meet UK government requirements. In such situations, Balls Pond Garage offers you cheapest pre MOT checks Islington services that means your vehicle will 100% meet VAT requirements.

What Do We Do?

A common question in hundreds of minds float about best MOT testing station when most of vehicle owners choose Balls Pond Garage. In fact, we make you well understand about what is this MOT test and how it is passed by your vehicles. Secondly, we also explain the vehicle owners that how a MOT test can be safe and useful for them. We first preview the vehicle to be tested for MOT requirements and then make it perfect for the final test. We do not let your trust down if you hire us for this test. We usually inspect following vehicle parts and confirm them for the final test.

  • Indicating and lighting equipment
  • Suspension, gearbox, clutches and brakes
  • Tyres condition
  • Seat belts and safety measures for passengers
  • Mirrors, front and rear bumpers
  • Fuel, emission and exhaust
  • Interior and exterior condition of vehicle’s body
  • Engine performance etc.

Why Us?

You don’t be confused that why people in Islington, London always choose us for the MOT testing service as well as maintenance. Balls Pond Garage is the only car service station in Islington that does not charge for pre MOT checks, while it also charges minimum cost for the MOT tests for all types of vehicles you need to verify. Further, we always give preference the customers and do our best to free our clients without waiting longer.

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